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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> another picture-perfect night and action in the tropics. >> tonight, of voting
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irregularities create havoc for some. >> folks walked out in frustration. fights a familiar face to unseat -- >> if familiar face fights to unseat him. we have live team coverage of the primaries starting now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> breaking news is coming in from the district on a day that is full of surprises. at this point, the very first results were released. one of the first precinct -- pouring says that there is a lever against vincent gray. we have live coverage of the 2010 vote. we will start with the d.c. bureau chief who is live out
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there. >> with this music blasting and these people dancing, i thought i was in a disco. they are obviously very happy people so far. they're hoping for a gray victory tonight. folks were passing out literature and waving gray signs. they're hoping for results that will help confirm the polls. >> based on our own modeling, it turned out about where we thought it would be. we feel very good about turnout in some of our strong areas. and we feel good about our ability to get out our own vote, even in the mayor's strong areas. i think we will be very competitive. >> one of the problems with polls in d.c. is that they are sometimes wrong.
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i still remember the 94 -- the 1994 election when marion barry won the race. they're hoping the polls are right this time. there were problems at various polling places. keep the pollsto open for an extra two hours. but a judge ruled against it. reporters are waiting for results. >> keep us posted. everyone is awaiting these results. >> coverage continues.
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1% of the precincts are reporting. there is some excitement there already. >> the song that just came over the p a by the steve miller band, "time keeps on ticking" is apropos. there is palpable tension at fenty headquarters here in the northwest part of the district. these folks are celebrating as much as they can. but there is a lot of tension because these results are trickling in appeared i have to tell you, the mayor and his campaign staff believe that they have done everything they can to gain the mayor's seat again. the mayor was not taking anything for granted today. >> are you a d.c. voter? >> in northwest washington, d.c. mayor adrian fenty is maintaining a frantic fresh face
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in the fight for his political future. athletic analogies are apropos -. >> there is no time to be concerned. >> fenty's oregon schools and reducing crime -- on schools and reducing crime have garnered him supporters. critics have pounced on his --le, alleging phony as a phonyism. but his charm and his endurance were evident. >> 8:00 p.m. -- 8:00 a.m., tell your friends. >> we do not know if mayor fenty is at campaign headquarters as we speak.
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he is not expected to come out until there are some definitive results. we have the board of elections and ethics results. there are about 4004 men's and gray and about 2400 for the mayor. -- about fourth thousand four vincent -- about 4000 for vincent gray and about 2400 for the mayor. >> baker has a wide margin. there is a 15 point spread. brown has reaction to these results. >> it has been a party here all evening. they have felt very confident that baker headquarters.
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officials, this raises is not being called. but anthony brown says he is ready to call the race. >> the numbers look very strong for baker. he ran a highly organized campaign, putting out a good message. the governor and nine are looking for a strong local parker. -- the governor and i are looking for a strong local partner. martin o'malley and i are pleased that the voters of maryland have decided that we will be the democratic nominee we have been looking at bob ehrlich in namevery match. -- in a rematch. we have been driving down violent crime. we have made major gains and improved public education and expanded health care.
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>> thank you very much. we have not heard from mr. baker himself. they said they do not want to talk until the race has been officially called. but it has been pretty consistent on light long. he hasn't had a substantial lead over -- he has had a substantial lead over his opponent. another big race in maryland is the race for governor. surely after the polls closed, brian murphy -- ehrlichman received an endorsement from john mccain. the gop nominee will be facing incumbent democrat martin o'malley. also, maryland has the longest serving female senator who has
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received her party's nominee. she has served since 1987. there is a primary for u.s. senate in delaware. with nearly all the precincts reporting, o'donnell has 53% of the report. he will enter the fall campaign as an underdog. he spoke about his primary defeat just moments ago. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken of. [cheers and applause] no more politics as usual. >> the last several weeks have been spirited, shall we say? the voters in the republican primary have spoken and i respect that decision. >> for a complete list of results from our local races, go
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to >> let's take a look at some other numbers. >> it is the perfect age to vote. tonight, conditions are dry, comfortable, and calm. everybody is a winner. we did have a few clouds. there is nice air. it is 59 degrees right now in bethesda. i will show you this again. this is igor from space. how would you like to be in the middle of that? you're looking about 10 miles into the center of a ferocious hurricane. not only one, but there are now three topical systems -- three tropical systems. coming up, the eiffel tower
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was evacuated after a reported bomb scare. and northern virginia woman was murdered. two months later, detectives are still baffled by this case. > a scandal involving the new york
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let's get you up to speed. the primary race for d.c. mayor is the big race. >> for the first time since we went on here, we're getting more numbers from the d.c. board of elections. course here there are. here are the latest numbers. -- >> here they are. hear the latest numbers. vincent gray is ahead of adrian fenty 58% to 32%. this is going to be a long night, folks.
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we will have all the information for you right here. we will have everything updated for you as well as on >> it will be a long night. >> keep it here. a controversy surrounding the redskins and the team's captain. >> what he is saying about the new york jets allegedly making inappropriate comments about a mexican reporter. >> the owner of the new york jets already called a female reporter this week and apologized. now the redskins have to do some damage control after a day -- after one player defended the accused players. >> i have to be doing a job. i am sure they do the same thing.
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>> after making what some call offensive comments, clinton portis quickly issued a statement. but d.c. residents are still talking about what he said. >> you put a woman and give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody -- she is going to be wanting somebody. >> if he had a daughter and she was a journalist and they harassed her, he would be mad about that situation. >> portis was giving his opinion about a weekend controversy surrounding this woman. she was a reporter who was allegedly sexually harassed in the locker room. >> if jeans and a white shirt with buttons is provocative, then all women are provocative because they all dress like this. >> i do not know what you expect
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from maine. i have to go. -- from me. i have to go. >> portis writes "i was wrong to make the comments i did and i apologize. i respect the job that all reporters to." a couple of fans actually believe part of the problem is allowing opposite sexes in the locker room. we are also monitoring late development from paris where authorities were investigating a bomb threat made at the eiffel tower. an anonymous caller phoned in a threat about 9:00 p.m. paris time. they searched the tower and found nothing suspicious. they evacuated a subway station near the noted game catholic cathedral. -- the notre dame catholic
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cathedral. officials are stymied in the death of a woman's -- of a woman. three months later, police said they have no suspects, no motive, and dwindling leads. she was last seen alive a half- hour before her body was found. a new twist in the federal corruption case against ulysses currie. the judge has approved a deal for the market chain to pay a fine. they must also cooperate with authorities to receive any immunity from prosecution. curry was accused of using his influence to benefit the shopping chain. he is denying the charges. it was wonderful weather.
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it was a good day to vote. >> you could see the other bridge -- that is jupiter. the next couple of nights, we will see the moon get close to jupiter. >> here is how it looks clos outside. is this not a great time of year? we have the warm days and the cool nights and the humidity. we're just about to say "see you later" to that high humidity in the dewpoint. on average, this is really the peak time for ragweed. this is over at walter reed. on average, we are above average for the ragweed pollen count. it is really going to begin to pick up. over the next couple of days, but temperatures will be in the 60's.
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here is what is going on around the spirit let me take your around the state. this is from the nascent terrace satellite. this is -- the nasa terrace satellite. all this is nice. even though it is in the tropics and it is a hurricane, the cause gets so high that day or composing ice crystals. the wind is 150 miles per hour. there is igor. there is an julia. and there is powell. -- there is carl. all these are staying safely out to see over the weekend. igor will be decreasing, but may be a threat to bermuda. and there is a chance that carl
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will head into the yucatan. down and plots -- down and spots like dallas-fort worth where the dewpoint is in the 70's. delightful. tomorrow morning, and temperatures will be around 60 degrees in town. sunrise is almost 11:00 a.m., is it not? it will be a comfortable 80 degrees. then a little weather front will come our way. there is a risk of a few scattered showers. we could use the showers. maybe now, the early-to-midday part of friday, that will set the stage for the weekend. >> i thought you were going to quizzes again. i get really nervous.3q
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open mouth. insert cleat. clinton portis stepped into a controversy and then apologized for it. it is all coming up next in sports.
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clinton portis apologized for comments he made on a radio show about female reporters in nfl locker rooms. he said she was sexually harassed in named jess locker room-- in the jets' locker on friday and clinton portis had this to say. >> if you look at 63 man's packages, none of this is a tractor. i know she is doing a job. >> clinton portis has apologized. as a former player and a longtime commentator, being in locker rooms all my love, i think everybody ought to get out
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of the locker room. -- all my life, i think terry body are to get out of the locker room. -- i think everybody ought to get out of the locker room. mike shanahan knows you have to limit distractions and build on wins because this is a long season. >> it is a 16-round fight. one round is over and it does not mean anything. this takes a while. there are teams that get ready for each trial. >> the nationals have lost six in a row. let's go back to a plan appeare. hernandez doubled and had this
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home run in the fourth. they went on to beat atlanta 6- 0. the blueto baltimore, jays and orioles. that is deep right field. the orioles go on to beat toronto 11-3. the birds are 25-15 under buck showalter. what a turnaround. reggie bush has returned his heisman trophy. usc has already returned its copy of bush's trophy. he is the first player in the history of the word -- of the award to vacate the heisman. >>
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we just want to give you an update. he is making an acceptance speech this evening. looks like he got the results. we will have all the results for all the races in the morning. we will see you tomorrow. have a good one. think about the internet.
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